They had a feeling that someone was watching them and it was a skeleton that was alive and more alive skeletons crouding around them but they tryed to find a way to get out. All of a sudden they found some light and they followed it and it led them to this room. They saw the light that was on the  other side of the room and Ben steped into the room a little bit farther and Ben got traped in a boobytrap. They did not what was going to happen next.

to be continued………………


tale mysteries SPOOKY MANSION 

It was a dark and stormy night when Ben and Abby were in their room trying to go to sleep, but they couldn’t go to sleep. At the same time they said “IMAGINATION BOX”, so they got out of their bed and went into the imagination box. They both said “I wish, I wish with all my heart to go on an adventure until the end”. Before they could say 1, they were in a spooky grave yard leading up to a big haunted mansion. Both of them said, at the same time, spoooooooooooooooooky! They started walking up to the haunted mansion. Ben rang the door bell, but nobody answered. Abby opened the door slowly and they went inside. All of a sudden Goblins started crowding around them. They looked behind them and standing there was a huge Goblin. Ben and Abby had no choice but to run, and they ran right into the smallest door they could find. Suddenly they felt like someone was watching them but they couldn’t tell who.
to be continued…………………